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Francis Granger Quigley

Captain Francis Granger Quigley

Country: Canada
Born: 10 July 1894
Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario
Deceased: 20 October 1918
Rank: Captain
Service: Royal Flying Corps
Units: 70
Victories: 33
Quigley attended St Andrew's in Aurora, Ontario from 1907-1909 When the war began, Quigley was a student at Queen's University in Toronto. He joined the army on 16 December 1914, serving with the Canadian Army Engineers on the Western Front. He transferred to the Royal Flying Corps in early 1917 and was posted to 70 Squadron in France on 12 September 1917. Flying Sopwith Camels, he scored 33 confirmed victories before he was wounded in action on 27 March 1918. Recovering from a shattered ankle, he returned to Canada where he served as an instructor at Armour Heights. Enroute back to England in October 1918, Quigley came down with influenza and died in hospital two days after his ship reached Liverpool.
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